17/09/2012 07:10 BST | Updated 17/09/2012 11:04 BST

Pants At Packing: Holidaymakers Are Forgetful (PLUS Flight Essentials PICTURES)

Holidaymakers can be pants at packing, with some forgetting to take underwear away with them, according to a survey.

Underwear is just one of the essentials that people forget to take on a break, the poll by TravelSupermarket found.

While 3% have forgotten to pack underwear, 14% have gone away without plug adapters, 12% without sunglasses and 12% without phone chargers.

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As many as 24% of those surveyed left their packing until they day before setting off, with 5% only getting down to it a few hours before departure.

A total of 7% have had to pay for a last-minute passport as theirs was out of date, while 4% have arrived at their airport a day early or a day late.

Beat Flying Fatigue

More than 20% have returned to stinking fridges as they had forgotten to throw away perishables before going on holiday, while 12% neglected to put out the bins.

Also 11% did not switch off electrical items before departing and 8% left doors or windows open.


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