17/09/2012 13:59 BST

Innocent Electrician Chris Thomas Tasered With 50,000 Volts – For Having A Screwdriver In His Pocket

Electrician Chris Thomas walked into a shop with two screwdrivers in his pocket and sparked a drastic response - he was tasered by armed police.

Mr Thomas was taken to court over the security scare, which he described as "a ridiculous waste of tax-payers' money".

Magistrates threw the case out straight away.

The drama happened in Swansea last year after Mr Thomas, 45, had been repairing the lights in the Railmen’s Club And Institute, next door to a BHS.

When he walked into the department store, carrying two small screwdrivers and a knife in his pockets, security staff were spooked and called armed police, who zapped him with 50,000 volts when they caught up with him in a Peacocks shop.

The case against him disintegrated after witnesses at Swansea Magistrates Court gave different accounts of what happened when police challenged him.

Some said he put his arms up straight away, and others disagreed, The Daily Mail reported.

Mr Thomas said afterwards: “I have a very supportive family and it's been difficult for them too, and I'm very grateful to them, as well as my bosses, who have given me the time to come to court.

“It is a ridiculous waste of tax-payers' money to bring this to court. But I just want to move on now.”

Andrew Smith, prosecuting, described the case as a “misunderstanding”.