Armed forces

Seven people have been arrested after the military boarded an oil tanker that was subject to a "suspected hijacking" by stowaways.
Discharged after dedicating my life to my career, I wasn’t ready to live a ‘normal’ life out of uniform, writes Amber Guymer-Hosking.
However, the measures will not apply to cases arising in Northern Ireland.
Lieutenant Colonel Craig Palmer ran towards the explosion on the District Line train.
North Korea have returned 55 U.S. soldiers' remains to U.S. soil at an airbase in South Korea.
Former foreign secretary once backed giving MPs a vote on war.
'Deep discomfort' over savage cuts to forces.
Red is alarming, uncompromising, empowering and fierce. As a society, we're hard wired to it since it taps into our primal, passionate impulses. It's the colour of the blood of Christ and also the Devil, with a cocktail of connotations consisting of fireworks, adrenaline, love hearts, red roses and indeed the aptly named districts where certain women make a living.