Page 3: The Art Edition, An Alternative Suggestion For The Sun

The Sun newspaper is being targeted this month by various campaigners, writers and thinkers who believe a daily dose of bare breasts on page 3 of the country's biggest-selling newspaper is just a teensie bit too objectifying to still exist in 2012...

Luckily, in the art world female (or male) nudity isn't anything to worry about. Capturing the human form in its many shapes and sizes has always been a noble pursuit for painters - particularly as most never had a super long camera lens or a copy of Photoshop to help them replicate anyone in their birthday suit.

Being the peace-loving types we are on HuffPost Culture, we have therefore came up with a solution that should keep those offended by page 3 and those rather fond of ogling naked ladies happy.

Ladies and gentleman - we give you page 3, the art edition.

There are literally thousands of paintings of de-robed models that together chart a fascinating history of art. By publishing these instead, The Sun could simultaneously maintain their breast count whilst helping turn on the mass public to centuries of beautiful paintings.

In short, it's a win-win. Don't believe us? Check out these examples below:

Page 3 Beauties