18/09/2012 10:48 BST | Updated 18/11/2012 05:12 GMT

Internet Viral Fenton Finds Second Life In 'Where's Wally' Book, 'Find Fenton'

By their very nature, internet virals have a short lifespan.

Like mayflys they whizz past and light up our lives for but a moment, dying before the day is done - after all, who really remembers Star Wars kid or Charlie Bit My Finger?

But if there is an exception to this cruel truth, then by God let it be Fenton - the dog who just a year ago rushed across our monitors delivering coffee nose snorts and hilarity to all.

The galloping deers and the priceless yell 'JESUS CHRIST FENTON NO!' tickled our funny bones almost 7 million times in total - chiefly, if you ask HuffPost Culture, because it so brilliantly evoked Edward Woodward in the chilling climax to 1973 The Wicker Man.

Anyway - the enduring nature of Fenton's appeal is something being banked upon by a new book that combines the runaway canine with the familiar concept of Where's Wally...? You can probably guess what this mean.

Find Fenton is a series of intricate cartoons set around the sites of London - including Richmond Park, where the real Fenton was last seen - hidden within which is the infamous black Labrador.

Naturally there are other figures to spot - David Cameron, George Osborne, Wills and Kate and SuBo being just some of them.

A perfect stocking filler (sorry - too soon?) or the death rattle of a joke that's had its day?

Personally we'll going for the former, if only because old Fenton still manages to us laugh. Which is more than you can say of Sneezing Baby Panda. What was that all about...

See if you can Find Fenton below:

Find Fenton