UFOs: 10 Reasons NOT To Believe In Aliens (PICTURES)

We Want To Believe... But Here Are 10 Reasons Why We Don't

This weekend Britain’s oldest UFO group turns 50. That's half a century of aliens, unidentified flying objects and scientific research, courtesy of The British UFO Research Association.

1. Fuzzy footage of what was claimed to the shrivelled up corpse of an alien emerged in Russia last year.

The film quickly went viral, although the “body” looked suspiciously like a rubber doll. It was located in the town of Irkutsk, not far from an alleged UFO sighting in Siberia a month earlier. It later emerged the "body" was not even made of rubber - rather it had been fashioned out of bread, chicken and blood. Delicious.

The Irkutsk alien looked suspiciously like a rubber doll

A disc-shaped object appeared above the stadium, travelling across the length of it before apparently disappearing. Rather than beings from another planet showing up for a glimpse of the greatest show on earth, the mystery of the UFO was solved after the craft was identified as a Goodyear blimp.

3. It's the last thing on earth you'd want to see in your fridge, but it's exactly what Marta Yegorovnam says had on the shelf above the butter and cheese for two years.

She claimed to have retrieved the alien corpse after it's craft crashed near her home in Petrozavodsk, Russia. Except it was probably just a rotten bag of vegetables. Sorry Marta.

The spectacle of this 'craft' hovering above a cathedral in New Orleans caused a commotion

4. 35 witnesses reported seeing blue UFOs flying above Leicestershire in September. After weeks of research and dozens of witness interviews, the flashing lights, which had been reported as "behaving strangely", were revealed to be quadrocopters (model helicopters with four small rotor supports arranged in a cross shape).

5. A strange, mushroom-shaped object found at the bottom of the Baltic Sea was at first believed to be a UFO that crashed in the waters between Sweden and Finland. Extra-terrestrial speculation soon evaporated, only to be replaced with talk of Nazi secret anti-submarine devices.

6. During a Colt-Saints game in New Orleans last October, brightly lit objects were seen streaking across the sky during a 29-shot of the historic St Louis Cathedral. A home viewer videotaped the NBC footage and slowed it down, even to frame-by-frame examination, it appeared that the NBC camera had captured a very large, rod-shaped object topped with glowing circular lights and moving behind the cathedral. Alien football fans became a hot topic and the video went viral...before the original cameraman came forward to reveal just what was occurring in the footage.

NBC cameraman R.D. Willis told The Huffington Post that because he taped the sequence at super-slow speeds, the objects just seem to be lightning-fast spacecraft. Yet, the objects in question were commercial airplanes.

7. Glowing lights in the skies above northern Utah last year stopped traffic and even saw the police become involved. Speculation as to the nature of the lights was ramped up as a nearby Air Force base denied holding training exercises and cover-up rumours began to come thick and fast.

Disappointingly, the eerie lights had a simple explanation - they were Chinese lanterns launched by students at Bonneville High School. Whether launched by hoaxers or just in the name of innocent fun, Chinese lanterns continue to be one of the most common culprits in UFO sightings.

8. A UFO was spotted hovering above the Dome of the Rock, an ancient Islamic shrine in Jerusalem in January last year. The glowing orb flashed briefly before taking off and disappearing, in a video apparently shot by American tourists.

9. Another comically fake sighting was reported by four teenagers in Panama in 2009. A photograph revealed a creature with an small head, a strange, pasty body, with skinny, human-like arms. The teens claimed it had been alive when they encountered it, but that it started coming after them, so they killed it with rocks and stones. The creature in question was later identified as a sloth.

10. A security video taken at a town square in Jakarta, Indonesia, appeared to show what YouTube users described as an "angel-like spirit" flying in to view. A group of torch-bearing people storm the area where the winged being appeared, seemingly investigating the strange sight.


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