10 Funniest Fails In Apple's iOS Maps App (PHOTOS)

10 Funniest Fails In Apple's iOS Maps App

Apple has released its own Maps application as part of iOS. And the general opinion appears to be that it's... terrible

It partnered with Yelp and TomTom among other companies for its own app, which features a typically 'pared down' user interface with fewer distractions and labels. Included in the iOS 6 upgrade, released on Wednesday it added a new 3D satellite view, turn-by-turn navigation and greater integration with Siri.

The idea was to reduce its dependence on Google - but the rollout has not gone smoothly.

Users quickly realised that many places were misnamed, missing or misplaced, and one tech editor called the release the worst software update in Apple's history, while on Twitter hundreds more reports of mistakes and omissions flooded in by upset iOS users.

Here are our ten favourite errors found so far in Apple's Maps app:

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