20/09/2012 15:56 BST | Updated 20/09/2012 17:43 BST

Jon Stewart Blasts Fox News Over Mitt Romney's '47%' Gaffe

Want to know how the US media have covered Mitt Romney's 47% blunder? Specifically: how Fox News has covered it?

Well, look no further than the video above - in which The Daily Show's Jon Stewart does his usual brilliant stuff, and eviscerates "Romney Campaign Headquarters" (aka Fox News) for its lamentable comments on the matter.

“It’s like Romney jazz!” he says at one point - highlighting the channel's craziness, hypocrisy and downright "chaos... on Bullshit Mountain".

Click, watch and enjoy. And when you're done, remind yourself of just how bonkers American politics can get with our round-up of so-bad-they're-good political ads:

Bonkers American Political Adverts

(Via Mediaite)