20/09/2012 12:06 BST | Updated 03/12/2012 18:01 GMT

Kate Middleton Topless, Bottomless And Now 'Pregnant With Twins'...Except It's Just Bad Photoshopping (PICTURES)

UPDATE: Pitter Patter! Wills & Kate Announce Baby News

She’s been pictured topless, nearly went bottomless thanks to an errant gust of wind, and now she’s pregnant with twins.

Except she’s not. But US gossip magazine Star seems so hellbent for it to be so, it's been caught out with a spectacularly bad Photoshopping job.

kate duchess

Busted: Star's front cover, left, and the original picture, right

As well as a swollen stomach, the Duchess of Cambridge is now missing her right-hand ring and a much smaller section of her left forearm is visible.

The magazine quotes a source who apparently divulged Kate was eating for three after a “passionate night” with Prince William in Wales following the Olympic Games.

kate middleton

Yikes: Kate yanks down her dress on the tarmac in Australia

It adds the pregnancy is a “timely blessing for Kate” in the aftermath of the nude pictures scandal.

Thanks to for flagging up the original picture and pasting it next to the altered snap.

It would be a much juicier tale had they not felt the need to doctor the picture so crudely. Doh!