21/09/2012 02:49 BST | Updated 21/09/2012 05:38 BST

Peace One Day 2012: High Profile Women Who Have Experienced Domestic Violence

When Dennis Waterman claimed he'd "lashed out" at ex-wife Rula Lenska because she was clever and could "argue well", one thing was clear.

Domestic violence could happen to anyone - whoever they are.

To commemorate Peace Day, which is aiming to increase awareness of the issue, we put together a list of high profile women who have experienced - and spoken out against - this horrible crime.

Peace One Day founder Jeremy Gilley told The Huffington Post UK the day was aiming to raise awareness.

Jamelia's Thank You is about her experience of Domestic Violence

"Most violence is going to happen in a domestic setting. This is not just about people with guns. I hope there will be no violence against men, women or children on this day," he said.


From Rula, who railed against Waterman, asking why he couldn't take responsibility for what he did, to Jamelia, who wrote the 2004 song Thank You about an abusive ex, she said she feels stronger now as a result of her experiences, take a look at who have spoken out against the crime.

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