Jonathan And Charlotte: One Half Of The 'Britain's Got Talent' Duo, Jonathan, Talks Simon Cowell And Making Opera Popular

INTERVIEW: 'We Got What We Wanted,' Says BGT's Jonathan

"Ashley and Pudsey got what they wanted and we got what we wanted, which is an album coming out," says classical singer Jonathan Antoine, one half of Britain's Got Talent runners-up Jonathan and Charlotte.

"I think it's a blessing in disguise coming second - so many great acts have come second and to be among those ranks is just brillant," he adds during our brief chat, before the busy star was hurried on to his next promotional duty.

Time is not something Jonathan and Charlotte have had a lot of recently. After storming BGT back in May, four months later the operatic duo are releasing their debut album, Together, on Monday.

Ashleigh and Pudsey and Charlotte and Jonathan await to hear who is the winner of Britain's Got Talent

"I didn't really get time to celebrate," agrees Jonathan.

"Basically we had the Sunday after the final off and then on Monday we were called into a meeting, which wasn't about whether we were going to be signed, it was about what was going to be on the album. And after that we just started recording."

Unlike most boys his age, the excited 17-year-old hasn't had many lie-ins during the past "intense" four months: "It was getting up at 7 in the morning, go to Surrey, come back at 11 at night, and just spend all day recording."

All those long hours in the studio must have put a strain on his relationship with Charlotte?

"No, it's been great. I'd say it's only strengthened our friendship because it's all been fun and we've just been doing such exciting things - it's not tense, or trying, or bad or anything, it's just brilliant."

Charlotte and Jonathan are the runners up on Britain's Got Talent

Jonathan recently revealed that finding fame on Britain’s Got Talent saved him from suicide.

I ask how life has been since the show. "It has changed a whole lot. I'm just generally more confident and the album's coming out and it's brilliant," he says cheerily.

Launching a collection of operatic songs into the charts is always going to be a challenge, but if there's one man that can help something chart it's probably Simon Cowell - and luckily for Jonathan, he's their new boss.

How involved has the Britain's Got Talent, The X Factor and Syco top dog been in the creative process?

"We've only had one face-to-face meeting with him - the main contact has been via the record label," says Jonathan. "He puts in suggestions and they come via the record label. He approves everything, all the songs we do. He's the big boss."

Simon Cowell and his team have chosen covers of popular songs for the album, which Jonathan hopes will "broaden the audience we could reach and hopefully we'll be reaching people who wouldn't normally listen to opera and change their minds".

Charlotte Jaconelli and Jonathan Antoine arrive at the TV Choice Awards at the Dorchester hotel in London

The 10-track record features their own rendition of R.E.M's Everybody Hurts, a duet with Only Boys Aloud on The Prayer and a cover of Take That's Rule The World.

But Jonathan says his personal favourite track is Canto Della Terra, which "Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman did fantastically first".

And he's happy that out of the 10 tracks on the album, six were on Charlotte's and his own personal wish list.

"It was a collaborative effort between the record label, Simon and the two of us," he explains. "We brought a list of things we thought would be good on the album, and Syco had their own list. All those had been approved by Simon, and most of them were pretty much the same."

After their various TV performances, including Red or Black an The Alan Titchmarsh Show, we'll soon see Jonathan and Charlotte in their own TV documentary which follows the duo as they go around Europe, "It's going to be pretty stellar," promises Jonathan.

What do you think of the duo's first album? Have they got what it takes to storm the charts? Scroll over the image below to listen to samples of the tracks...

Jonathan and Charlotte, Together, is out now.


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