25/09/2012 15:49 BST | Updated 25/09/2012 18:03 BST

Billie Joe Armstrong, Green Day Frontman, Is Not The First To Meltdown On Stage... (PICTURES)

Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong checked himself into a clinic for substance abuse treatment on Sunday, after a very public meltdown on stage at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas on Friday.

The frontman profanely complained that the band's time was being cut short at the festival, as they were asked to wrap up their performance during the all-star, two-day concert.

Billie Joe Armstrong Performs At iHeartRadio Music Festival

"One minute left, one minute (expletive) left. You're gonna give me (expletive) one minute? ... I'm not (expletive) Justin Bieber, you (expletives)!" he yelled (although Bieber was not part of the night's festivities).

And, as a final measure, Armstrong smashed his guitar before leaving the stage.

The lead singer of one of rock's top acts, who had their biggest success with their 2004 politically-charged album American Idiot, is not the first star to suffer an on-stage meltdown.

From rockers to pop stars and rappers, here are nine musicians who've had reason to lose their composure...

Billie Joe Armstrong Performs At iHeartRadio Music Festival