Bagel Head: Latest Beauty Craze Injects Saline Into Forehead (VIDEO, PICTURES)

Normally reserved for salmon and cream cheese or salt beef and gherkins, bagels are now on the tip of everyone's tongues as the most recent beauty craze.

The 'bagel head' beauty treatment has taken Japan by storm and if you're squeamish we suggest you brace yourself before reading further. *braces self*

Aired on National Geographic's Taboo, the programme shows three individuals having the bizarre treatment carried out.

The treatment works by injecting saline solution into the forehead until fully saturated forming a large bump. The bump is then pressed in the centre, forming a bagel shape on the forehead.

Hence the name 'bagel head', obvs.

John, Marin and Scorpion during treatment

The process takes around two hours to administer and lasts less than 24 hours before absorbing into the body, leaving a run-of-the-mill forehead where a beautiful bagel once was.

In the video, John, who is up first, describes a stinging sensation when the needle is first inserted and as the saline pumps under his skin head is convinced something is dripping down his forehead.

Bagel Head Beauty Craze

"Right now it's kind of a relaxing sensation, kind of tingly, and also a kind of building pressure that's kind of slow and steady that kind of feels like it's putting me to sleep," he says.

After the procedure is complete, the trio seemed pleased with the results.

John admires his reflection

"Oh sweet buttery bagels - I'm impressed!" says John peering into a handheld mirror. "I look delicious!"

Marin describes John's bagel as "cute". HuffPost UK Lifestyle aren't convinced.

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The programme will premiere in the UK in January.