27/09/2012 14:14 BST

Tulisa Plans To Quit Showbiz So 'No One Will Ever See Her Again' (EXCLUSIVE)

"Hopefully in five years time, I'll have made a lot of money, bought a desert island somewhere and disappeared so no one will ever see me ever again," says one of British tabloids' favourite stars.

X Factor judge and singer Tulisa has, in the past year, been betrayed.

Intimate details of her love life have been published in the press, culminating in her ex-boyfriend, Justin Edwards, posting footage of her performing a sex act on the internet and her having to go to court to prove she was not behind the leak.

It's no wonder she wants out of the fame game, something she says she never asked for in the first place.


Tulisa Contostavlos outside the High Court in London after formally settling her legal action against Justin Edwards

"I'm not in it for the fame, I love making music and earning a lot of money from it and that's about it," she tells me as we sit on the 14th floor of her publishing agent's office, surrounded by signed copies of her tell-all biography.

It's time for the former N-Dubz to take back control and release what she says is "the truth" about her past.

"I've noticed that recently, in the past two years, I've had people taking an interest in my personal life and people seem to enjoy making judgements on me.

"I'm happy to be judged because I'm putting myself in this position, so it's understandable, but if I'm going to be judged I want to be judged on the truth," she explains.


N-Dubz (left to right) Dappy, Tulisa and Fazer

From the way she's portrayed in the press, you couldn't be blamed for thinking Tulisa is one of the celebrity world's loud-mouthed and trashy subjects, and the fact she's not opposed to wearing tracksuits is repeatedly mocked.

What I find is a softly-spoken young woman, who considers each question carefully and answers in what seems an honest and composed way.

I ask her if she's using the book as a defence mechanism. If she reveals her secrets - such as the fact that she lost her virginity at 14 to a drug dealer, indulged in drugs at a young age and was the victim of a sex attack at 16, after her drink was spiked - then people from her past will no longer have any stories to sell?

"Yeah, exactly," she says. "And it's about all of the stories that were written and were rubbish in gossip mags, this goes and clears up some things," the Mobo-nominated singer from Camden, London, explains.


Tulisa Contostavlos at a signing session for her new book

Excerpts from her biography, Honest, have already been serialised in The Sun, leading to headlines such as 'Tulisa Contostavlos: My sex attack horror', so what's left in the book to shock us?

"There are quite a few moments, I think because I never talk about my love life, so maybe opening up about my love life. People write mostly about my love life so I thought 'OK, at least hear the truth.'"

She says any worries she had about the book coming have already "gone with the first few headlines" and that realeasing her debut album is scarier than laying herself bare in the book.

She adds: "There are loads of songs that relate to personal life situations. I can't go into detail and say which ones but I guess people can guess... there are lots of songs on the album that are definitely inspired."

In an interview with This Morning this week, Tulisa revealed she thinks that 50 per cent of the public love her and 50 per cent hate her. Does she think the book will change people's opinions?

"I don't want it to change people's opinions, I just want them to know the truth and if it changes even for the better or worse, at least it's based on the truth."

Tulisa's autobiography Honest: My Story So Far is out now. Will you be picking up a copy?

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Tulisa through the years