28/09/2012 09:30 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Check Your Children's Toys Are Safe

CE-E is a very energetic robot - he sings, gyrates, drives a smart car and has a gorgeous girlfriend. He's also fronting a toy safety campaign video from the European Commission.

Designed to appeal to children, CE-E's electronic voice warbles important messages about buying children's toys that are safely manufactured, for the right age and used safely.

So, did you know....

You should never buy toys that don't have the CE mark. The CE mark is a commitment from the toy manufacturer that the toy complies with all EU safety rules. Or, as CE-E sings, 'For all the girls and boys, put the CE tags on toys'.

Never buy toys with small detachable parts for children under three. Choking is more of a hazard for this age because they tend to put everything in their mouth!

Read all warnings and instructions. Toy skates, bikes and scooters should be used with parental supervision and with protective equipment like helmets.

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