28/09/2012 08:32 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Granny Stages Roof Top Protest After Fall Out With Daughter Over Electricity Bill

Granny stages roof top protest after fall out with daughter over electricity bill BNPS

A mother and daughter had a falling out over an electricity bill which led to the 60-year-old granny staging a ROOF TOP protest on the house they both live in.

Catherine Beesley clambered on to the flat roof of the bungalow's side extension after her daughter, Sue Martin, 42, had the electricity cut off in the loft room.

The two women lived separate lives in the bungalow after fallowing out two years ago, with Catherine and husband Richard residing in the loft conversion, while Sue and her two children lived on the ground floor.

After a further falling out over a huge electricity bill, Sue had the power to the loft conversion switched off.

Catherine and Richard, 63, claim they had to wear coats and pullovers to keep warm in their freezing quarters, and, unable to cook, were given meals of soup and noodles by sympathetic neighbours. Eventually, they took to the rooftop to vent their anger and frustration at Sue, waving placards reading 'Daughter denies mother electric' and 'Paid 4 it, own it, denied it.'

Catherine told The Sun "We were freezing and had to do something," while Richard said the entire situation was "incredibly silly".

For her part, Sue said she had tried to settle the row through her solicitors but heard nothing back.

Eventually, Catherine gave up her protest after three days and paid £70 to have the power switched back on.

Goodness! Have you ever encountered a family row as bizarre as this one?