28/09/2012 06:52 BST | Updated 28/11/2012 05:12 GMT

Resident Evil 6 'Human Butcher's Shop' PR Stunt Might Be The Grimmest Ever (PHOTOS)

As our email spam filter proves, there are no shortage of PR stunts designed to promote video games.

But this one might be on a different level.

To promote Resident Evil 6 - the latest in the series of zombie-monster horror shooters - Capcom has opened a butcher's shop.

Selling humans.

Well, not quite. We're almost totally sure these are regular animal meat products designed to look human. But it's realistic (and, honestly, disgusting) stuff. Full credit for effort - but don't mind us if we don't come running down for a lunchtime snack.

The butchers even has its own webpage and Twitter account, if you really have to look...

The shop is open in London's Smithfield market Friday and Saturday until 6pm.

CAUTION: Potentially disturbing (though fake) and NSFW images contained below...