01/10/2012 07:20 BST | Updated 01/10/2012 07:21 BST

Obama's Got 99 Problems - But Mitt Ain't One (VIDEO)

And now it's time for today's amusing Barack Obama-based music video spoof. Hot on the heels of the creepy mask dance and the recent MC Hammer tribute comes this supercut of the US president doing his version of Jay-Z's 99 Problems, courtesy of YouTuber Diran Lyons.

Be warned: as you'd expect if you're familiar with the original, some of the lyrics are a little rude. Can you guess which words Barack finds to rhyme with "Mitt", for example?

Still, we fully expect the Republican camp to hit right back with a supercut of Mitt Romney doing Gangnam Style. (We're not joking. We fully believe it will happen.)

Now then, want to see some of Barack's real-life coolest moments? Coming right up...