01/10/2012 16:16 BST

'Diva Dogs Day' Sees Pooches Parade In Fancy Dress (PHOTOS)

Now, we've never been to 'Diva Dogs Day' - mainly on account of not owning a dog - but we have to say it looks a lot of fun. In a great big, crazy, extremely-camp-Crufts kind of way.

Diva Dogs Day took place in Essex - where else?! - at the weekend, and encouraged "diva-ettes" to "come along with your pampered pooches and enjoy the world of glitz and glamour doggy style".

Yes, canine glamour is big business these days - though we do hope they stop short of vajazzling them.

Click through our gallery below to see some of the pooches who were parading their stuff. (And a word of advice to the Yorkshire terrier who's wearing nothing but a tiny bow in its fur: we like your discreet style, but you're going to have to do a lot better than that to get 'diva' status, pet.)