01/10/2012 13:13 BST | Updated 01/10/2012 13:43 BST

Jim Davidson Reveals His 'Top 10 A***-holes In Showbiz' List

We never thought we'd say this, but gawd bless ya, Jim Davidson.

Because the controversial '80s comedian (copyright: all papers) has taken to his blog to list his 'Top 10 arse-holes' in showbusiness. They sit below his 'Top 10 nicest showbiz types!' - but we think it's far more interesting to hear who Jim doesn't like.

As Caitlin Moran tweeted, we're keen to know Jim's reasons for picking these 10.

Are they 'arse-holes' because he's worked with them and didn't get on with them or 'arse-holes' just because he doesn't like their work? Obviously, we'd like to think the former because again, it's far more interesting, but we'll leave it to you, the reader, to make up your own mind.

(Oh, and check out his blog to see who the top 10 nicest people are. Clues: they include a Spanish singer, one woman, and 'Ant and Dec' as a single entry.)