Jim Davidson

The comic took part in the doc after criticising Diversity’s Black Lives Matter-inspired dance routine on BGT.
The comedian admitted saying "welcome to our country" to an attendant, but claimed they were white.
"All you lefties can still call me racist if it gets you off."
'He did not speak to me again for the rest of his life.'
Jim Davidson has revealed he had a secret feud with the late Sir Bruce Forsyth.  The comic has claimed the former ‘Strictly
The country is waking up to the news that the General Election has resulted in a hung parliament, with Theresa May falling
David Cameron has warned Boris Johnson against “linking arms” with Nigel Farage and George Galloway in backing Britain’s
Westminster Abbey claimed that failing to fly the flag at half mast in tribute to King Abdullah would, "make a noticeably aggressive comment." Actually, I don't think it would be aggressive enough.
The ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ residency has received a surprise visitor, with TV presenter and ‘CBB’-superfan Eamonn Holmes
Jim Davidson is no stranger to making controversial comments, so his latest statement on Ukip and their party leader Nigel
I grew up watching Jim Davidson. I had even met him once when I was about 14 on a school trip when he told a girl in year 11 she had "big tits for her age." (In his defence, I don't think she looked 16.)
Dave Lee Travis has reportedly been offered the sum of 300,000 to be a contestant on the next series of 'Celebrity Big Brother
Let’s face it, the producers of ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!’ really have their work cut out for them this year
The ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house is preparing to re-open its doors, giving a whole new batch of stars the chance to join
Jim Davidson has made his Edinburgh Fringe Festival debut, after insisting that he’s not racist, sexist or homophobic. The