Jim Davidson Has Vowed Never To Return To London Because Of Sadiq Khan

No one seems that upset though.

Jim Davidson has vowed to never set foot in London again, claiming Mayor Sadiq Khan has “fucked my home town up”.

The controversial comedian lives in Stockbridge but this week is in the capital where he was born to co-host the Care After Combat Summer Ball with Bobby Davro.

But it appears Davidson hasn’t been that impressed with the trip so far. In a tweet, he said: “I am never coming to London again. Khan. You have fucked my home town up.”

Reaction to the tweet was possibly not what Davidson was hoping for.

In March 2004, Davidson, left the United Kingdom for the tax-free haven of Dubai in protest at the Labour government.

He said at the time: “I may as well go to Dubai and be an ethnic minority there than wait five years till I become one here.”

Davidson’s brand of comedy which saw him to achieve fame in the 90s has divided TV fans in the past, and he’s been forced to defend his sense of humour on a number of occasions.

In a since deleted tweet in January, Davidson accused Labour MP David Lammy of playing “the card”.

Lammy responded by tweeting: “Your hate filled jokes about black people in the 80’s legitimised everyday racism towards people like me growing up. I thought as a country we had put it behind us but thank you I will take no lectures from you.”

After getting a huge response to the tweet, Lammy added:

In 2014, in an interview with The Guardian, Davidson claimed people often judge him “from the past”.

“It is a difficult thing, comedy, and I’m on a loser,” he said. “If I cured Aids and fed Africa and ended Ebola and found that missing aeroplane I’d still be that horrible racist, sexist, homophobic comedian. By people, with respect, who haven’t seen me. Or are judging me from the past.”

A year later Davidson expressed admiration for Ukip and their then-party leader Nigel Farage, describing them as the “the Jim Davison of the political world”.

Last year Davidson admitted that the homophobic language he’s used in the past was a “mistake”.

During an appearance on ‘Piers Morgan’s Life Stories’, which will air on ITV tonight (10 March), the 64-year-old comedian says he regrets using the gay slur ‘shirt lifter’ during an appearance on ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ in 2007.

At them time the star was criticised after using the offensive phrase in front of fellow contestant Brian Dowling, who is gay.


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