nigel farage

The poll put prime minister on par with Nigel Farage, who has never been elected to parliament.
Stephen Flynn called out the Reform UK leader for his anti-migration rhetoric.
The prime minister was nowhere to be seen on Andrea Jenkyns' flyer.
The Brexit cheerleader is targeted for the second time after being hit by a milkshake last week.
BBC's Nick Robinson warned the prime minister the Reform UK leader is "coming for you".
This controversial view of WW2 Britain is "probably true", the party's spokesperson said.
Laura Kuenssberg said he was "trying not very subtly to emphasise the prime minister's immigrant heritage."
The right-wing party has experienced a boost in support after Nigel Farage declared he is running to be an MP.
"He is not interested in making the world a better place. He just rants," the First Dates star insisted.
The Reform Uk leader was confronted by a protester in Clacton.