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British Twitter users distance themselves from Brexit Party stirring up trouble as vote ratifies exit deal.
'Put your flags away – you're leaving', EU vice-president tells Farage as Remainer MEPs sing Auld Lang Syne and wave scarves
Boris Johnson's plan for the public to chip in £500,000 has fallen flat.
Brexit Party leader likens US president's infamous remark to something "said on a night out after a drink" during ITV debate.
The PM's dad turned up and offered to take his son's place in Thursday night's climate change debate.
The aim is pitch to Labour Leavers, but the Tories’ own plans set no ‘arbitrary’ cap
Why is it we are so selective in which history we choose to remember and learn from? Journalist Maighna Nanu writes.
Brexit Party leader also demands civil servants sign 'neutrality' oath and abolition of the BBC license fee as he unveils manifesto.
The group have vowed to donate all of the proceeds to the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants.
Nigel Farage is already gearing up for another comeback, but it may be too late with his party in disarray.