02/10/2012 10:53 BST

Cute Picture Of The Day: Rabbit Pushes Guinea Pigs In Trolley

Blimey! That was weird. We dropped off to sleep for a moment - then woke up to see this little trio making their way across the desktop. Luckily, we just managed to take a quick snap before they disappeared into the adjoining office...


OK, we're not really responsible for this ridiculously cute picture. It's actually the work of professional snapper Richard Austin, who set the whole thing up at Crealy Adventure Park in Devon while teaching a group of photography students.

Apparently, the fluffy rabbit and his guinea pig pals posed obligingly for just long enough to enable Richard to get his snap. Then an angry squirrel turned up and demanded they return its shopping trolley immediately. Possibly.

Not seen enough cute creatures today? Always on the search for bigger and better ways to get your cutesy-wootsy, cuddly-wuddly fix? How about cooing over this little lot then?