Brussel Sprouts Off The Menu For A Third Of Fussy Kids

Brussel Sprouts Off The Menu For A Third Of Fussy Kids


You can hear the cheers from here! Brussel Sprouts are no longer on the menu for a third of fussy kids this Christmas, according to a survey.

Mums - fed up of Brussels being pushed to the side of the plate at the Christmas dinner table – now no longer bother serving them in the first place.

Twenty-eight per cent of parents said they had never even tried to get their children to try sprouts over the festive period.

A further 29 per cent said they had tried to tempt their children to eat the green in the past, but had stopped because their kids didn't like the taste.

"The humble sprout is a Christmas classic, much maligned but a favourite for families at Christmas," said Nifa McLaughlin, editor of, which commissioned the survey.

"Obviously lots of people don't like sprouts, but that is why it is essential to include them in your Christmas dinner – surely it's a tradition to turn your nose up at them and force at least one sprout down!"


In a further revelation, 39 per cent of parents said they allowed their kids to eat chocolate for breakfast – especially at Christmas.


In fact, Christmas is a time when parents put discipline on hold and let their kids run riot, according to the survey.

"Christmas is the time of year where mums and dads are most likely to let their little ones break a few rules and get carried away," said Nifa McLaughlin.

"Letting the daily routine fall to one-side is part of the fun of Christmas, so enjoy it, but remember to pick it back up in the New Year."

Here are things we let our children get away with at Christmas:

• Go to bed later than usual...77 per cent

• Leave toys everywhere...45 per cent

• Watch TV all day long...18 per cent

• Eat sweets and chocolates with every meal...18 per cent

• Leave some of their dinner...15 per cent

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Do you dish up sprouts?

Do your children even know what they are?

Any top tips to make them delicious?