Deep Ridge Crisps: Walkers Investigated By BBC Watchdog For Half Empty Packets

Packet Half Full?

Something serious has got social networks riled up this week, and it's not war, poverty or disease.

Walker's Deep Ridge crisps have been the target of snackers' fury this week, and have been subject to an investigation by BBC Watchdog.

Watchdog presenter Chris Hollins warned: "If you're epically hungry you could be disappointed."

The programme tested bags of multipack Deep Ridge crisps: "We opened six of them in all, average number was 13, most was 14, in one we found grand total 11 whole crisps."

Viewers began to tweet their own pictures of crisp packets looking less than full.

One of the packets tweeted last night

Watchdog found most packets had around 13 crisps

According to a statement from Walkers given to the programme, the Deep Ridge crisps have "a deeper ridge than most crisps, making them susceptible to breakages and so they are put in slightly larger packs and given some cushioning, which may give the impression of low bag fill."

The manufacturer added that there were "28g of crisps in each multi-pack bag, above the average for multipack crisps."


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