05/10/2012 14:12 BST

Cooking With Christopher Walken (VIDEO)

Move over, Nigella! Shut your cakehole, Ramsay! There's a brand new TV cook on the block - and he's already our all-time favourite. His name? Christopher Walken.

Yes, it's true: the Hollywood hardman has taken time out from being... er... hard and manly to make this hilarious cookery show for Funny Or Die. Giggle as he admires the in-store entertainment at the supermarket! Chuckle as he drops by the petting zoo on the way home! And snigger as one of his assistants has terrible trouble opening a bottle of wine!

Mr W is joined by actor/comedian Richard Belzer for this sketch which, we have to say, is among the funniest things we've seen in a while. Yes, even funnier than Jack Bauer making cupcakes...