07/10/2012 14:56 BST

Moors Murderer Ian Brady 'Died' And Brought Back To Life In Ashworth Hospital

The Moors Murderer, Ian Brady, died after suffering a seizure and was brought back to life by doctors despite expressing his wish not to be resuscitated, the Sunday Mirror has reported.

The incident happened while Brady, 74, was being interviewed by a psychiatrist in July of this year at the Ashworth secure hospital where he has been locked up since 1985.

Brady's seizure caused his heart to stop and a defibrillator was used to bring the killer back to life.

ian brady

Brady's mugshot after he was arrested for murder

Jackie Powell, Brady's mental health advocate tole the Sunday Mirror: "He collapsed and went into full seizure. He lost consciousness for several minutes.

"Help was called and several doctors and nurses rushed in. His heart stopped. He was dead.

"That should have been it. He had told the hospital years earlier he did not wish ever to be resuscitated. He put it in writing. They knew that, but still used a defibrillator.

"He was furious that he had been resuscitated. This is the one thing he has always said he does not want."

Brady was jailed in 1966 along with girlfriend Myra Hindley for the murder of three children and they are suspected of being responsible for the deaths of two others.

He has been campaigning for years to be allowed to starve himself to death and has to be force-fed.

Kenny Bennett, half-brother of Brady victim Keith Bennett whose body has never been found, told the Sunday Mirror that he was happy to hear he had been brought back to life so that he can "suffer more".

He said: "I think it is great what's happened to him, I really do as he suffers a bit more.

"I bet he didn't like that, so it has made my day. I hope it happens again."