09/10/2012 11:21 BST | Updated 09/12/2012 10:12 GMT

ClassicMap: Google Maps Return To The iOS Store (Sort Of)

The anger, rage and gnashing of teeth about Apple's iOS 6 Maps app has died down since the company's CEO apologised.

But iPhone users are still getting lost - and waiting for most of those promised updates to materialise.

In its apology Apple suggested various mapping apps users might try instead, including Microsoft, Nokia and Google's web apps solution.

Until now, however, it hasn't been possible to get the old Maps app back.

Now you can... Sort of. A new free app which has just hit the iOS Store is pretty much the closest thing yet to having the old Google-powered Maps app back. And it's pretty decent.

ClassicMap by Katsumi Kishikawa is a simple, basic maps app which allows you to smoothly navigate Google Maps in the same App environment you know (knew) and loved.

It's not all there, unfortunately: Street View is missing, and dropping pins is slightly awkward. But if you absolutely must have Google Maps back, this is probably your best solution for now (until Google finally get around to making their own).