Stickers On The Central Line: London Underground Gets Plastered (PICTURES)

London Underground Gets Plastered

As you thunder through London, hundreds of feet below the ground, perusing a map, you may have noticed the White City is now adjacent to Shepherd’s Pie.

Or that nestling between Bond Street and Tottenham Court Road, is Nightmare on Elm Street.

Don’t worry, the London Underground hasn’t been slyly rearranging the layout of our fine city.

Rather, an underground movement called Stickers on the Central Line, has taken upon itself the job of “beautifying” the route. The group showcases its work on this Facebook page.

Started in 2011, the group is proving popular, with coming up to 8,000 "likes" and a whole load of other online support.

So, keep your eyes peeled, observe the signs and mind the toxic seat which warns of high levels of gonorrhoea, genital warts and herpes.


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