10/10/2012 04:54 BST | Updated 09/12/2012 05:12 GMT

New JRR Tolkien Book Announced: 'The Fall Of Arthur'

Fans of JRR Tolkien's fiction have gotten used to the idea that the only 'new work' they're going to see from him will be in the form of a Hollywood blockbuster.

But publishers HarperCollins have changed that with the announcement that they plan to publish a never-before-seen poem by the Lord Of The Rings author.

The Fall Of Arthur is a 200-page story about ancient Britain that covers the final days of King Arthur's reign in which the old king tries to defend his country from Mordred the usurper.

It will be the first 'new' release from Tolkien in four years since 2009's The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrún and, while it doesn't feature Middle-Earth or any of his most famous characters, The Fall of Arthur should prove and exciting prospect for Tolkien fanatics and scholars.

Chris Smith, the book's editor, said that the poem "breathes new life into one of our greatest heroes... revealing Arthur as a complex, all-too human individual who must rise above the greatest of betrayals to liberate his beloved kingdom".

The Fall Of Arthur will be out next Spring. Are you excited?

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