15/10/2012 08:43 BST | Updated 19/03/2013 10:37 GMT

No More Page 3 Campaign Inspires New Poetry (VIDEO)

The No More Page 3 campaign has so far attracted thousands of signatures, and now it has inspired some poetry, too.

The project, which has been widely debated on The HuffPost UK, seeks to put an end to the images of topless women on the page three of tabloid newspapers.

It's been readily welcomed by feminists and has led to a greater scrutiny of women's representation in the media, as well as the wider spread of sexism in society.

And its these big issues which have become muses for poets who have posted their pieces online. In the video below, Sabrina Mahfouz discusses female role models and the press. "These pictures are taking liberties, and they're not speaking, except the word pornography", she rhymes in a YouTube clip that has gained nearly 9,000 views:

Mahfouz's poem about Page 3

Hollie McNish has also used spoken word to show her anger about the way women are treated in the public eye. In her poem, she imagines another world, where men take on the roles of women who are sexualised in gameshows, advertising and newspapers to arresting effect:

"For just one day" McNish's poem looks at gender expectations

Chimene Suleyman's poem below, which includes explicit language, is a more general attack on the way society treats women on account of their bodies, looking into the future to a time when sexism is taboo and page 3 doesn't exist:

An ode to breasts? Suleyman's poem

What do you think of using poetry as a form of protest?

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