12/10/2012 07:39 BST | Updated 12/10/2012 07:41 BST

EU Peace Prize Mocked By Eurosceptic MPs On Twitter

The decision to award the Nobel peace prize to the European Union has inevitably been widely mocked by eurosceptic MPs.

Announcing their decision on Friday, the Norwegian judges said the union deserved the award because it had advanced the cause of peace, democracy and human rights since the end of World War Two.

Martin Schulz, the European Parliament's president, said he felt "overwhelming emotion" at the news. He tweeted: "The EU is an unique project that replaced war with peace, hate with solidarity."

However British eurosceptic politicians were less than impressed. Clacton MP Douglas Carswell said the decision was the "funniest thing to come out of Norway since Norwegian Blue parrot in Monty Python's sketch".

Peter Bone, the vocal eurosceptic from Wellingborough said: "Could it possibly be April the 1st? I have just been informed that the EU have been awarded the nobel peace prize!"

Michael Fabricant, questioned the logic behind the award, tweeting: "According to #NobelPeacePrize judges, if it weren't for the European Union, Merkel would have invaded France (again). Oh come on!"

He added, with a joke about the embattled Tory chief whip, "It is clear that #NobelPeacePrize judges in awarding the European Union have a total lack of ideas. Who next? Ed Miliband, Andrew Mitchell?"

Of course not all of Europe's politicians were so scathing. Carl Bildt, Sweden's foreign minister said the award was "highly deserved and highly important".

"Excellent that EU is given the price now. It reminds us all of the key importance of integration for peace, freedom and prosperity," he added.