12/10/2012 08:28 BST

'Strictly Come Dancing' Star Jerry Hall 'Training The Least' Out Of Any Contestants

Jerry Hall has confessed that she had been trying to scrape through with the minimum effort as she trained for 'Strictly Come Dancing.'

She has now upped her rehearsal times after admitting she put in the least effort of the show's celebrities - but has still only added an extra half hour.

Speaking to ITV1's 'Loose Women', she said her children had already suggested she was too "lazy" for the dance show. Contestants have to put in 12 hours training weekly to take part in the BBC1 show, and Jerry said that was all she was doing.

jerry hall

"I was training the least of any of the contestants, I was doing the contractual minimum. Since last week I've added on 30 minutes.

"It's a bit of fun. I'm not a dancer. People don't mind as long as you make an effort. Get up more than you fall down."

And she said it was difficult to adjust to the criticism after years of adulation from her modelling career. Jerry was chastised for stringing together a series of poses when she did her first live performance last weekend.

She said: "Usually I come off the catwalk and everyone says 'you were fabulous' - that's what I am used to, now it's people being critical."

But Jerry is enjoying her time on the show and with Anton Du Beke.

"I'm loving it and I love my dance partner. He's so polished, charming. He's got poise. I adore him. He gives me compliments all the time, building my confidence and will say 'Oh that's good, we'll keep that in', because it is quite scary learning a dance and then doing it in front of millions of people."

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