12/10/2012 14:51 BST

Teacher Melanie Minnie Squashed 19 Toddlers Into Renault Clio For School Trip In Pretoria South Africa

Every teacher dreads school trips, especially when the outing involves transporting almost 20 toddlers from one place to another.

But this teacher seems to have taken rather too much initiative when faced with travel tribulation.

Melanie Minnie Le Roux piled 19 of her students from Rietfontein nursery school in South Africa into a Renault Clio during a day outing.

Six children were piled in the boot, three were put on the front seat and the remaining 10 were in the back.

The trip was only 1km but after a concerned member of the public raised the alarm, the police were called.

The teacher was fined R1500 by the Tshwane Metro Police, which amounts to around £100. Enough to cover 19 bus fares, you would have thought.