13/10/2012 07:44 BST | Updated 13/10/2012 08:57 BST

Emma Watson Left 'Terrified' By Noah's Ark Film Set Invader

Emma Watson was left terrified when an overzealous fan managed to get on to the set of her latest film.

Emma was left traumatised when a man who has allegedly been hanging around her home managed to get onto the set of her new film Noah's Ark in a bid to give her a letter.

The 22-year-old is currently working on the film alongside Russell Crowe and was approached by the man after he managed to get past security with a group of visitors.

A source from the set told The Sun: "She recognised him from hanging around outside her house and screamed.

"He took off into the woods and was chased by security and a couple of the tough stunt guys who also happen to be martial arts fighters. They caught up with him in the woods. Police were called and he was removed by security. It was really creepy."

The sight of the man gave Emma a real fright and she was allowed some time alone to compose herself before the day's filming continued.