13/10/2012 08:09 BST

Justin Lee Collins' Ex Anna Larke Speaks Out On Torrid Relationship With TV Presenter

Justin Lee Collins' ex-girlfriend Anna Larke has spoken out for the first time since the TV presenter was convicted of harassment.

Speaking to The Mirror, Anna Larke explained how Justin tried to control every area of her life - from how she dressed to who she was allowed to talk to.

She reveals, "He wouldn't let me wear flat shoes and said women should wear heels and he didn't like the clothes I wore so he'd take me shopping and buy me loads of things. He bought me one pair of amazing Alexander McQueen shoes but when I put them on he said I walked like a transvestite."

Justin also asked her for detailed accounts of her former relationships and kept a notebook of all the details, including any intimate details.

She adds, "Every now and again he'd go quiet and ask me about a particular ex-boyfriend. Then he'd check my answers with the notepad and if I'd got any detail wrong he'd fly into a rage, saying I was lying to him."

She was also stopped from calling her mum. Her mother is Greek so the pair would often chat in her mother's native language on the phone, but she was reportedly ordered not to.

Following a very public court case, the funnyman was sentenced last week to 140 hours community service.