15/10/2012 14:10 BST | Updated 15/12/2012 10:12 GMT

Sim City Disaster Trailer Video (WATCH)

Everyone knows the best thing about Sim City is blowing up the metropolis you've lovingly built over hours of gameplay.

EA and Maxis' new version of the legendary title, set for February 2013, is already looking like a fascinating rebirth of the franchise. But today we've got new details about the in-game disasters with which you'll be able to unleash hell on your citizens - and now we're looking forward to it even more.

In the new gameplay trailer you'll see tornadoes, earthquakes, fires and even an alien attack - just four of the tools of destruction at your disposal.

We're excited - not only is this game one of the most beautiful we've ever seen, it's starting to look like one of the most fun too.

Take a look, above.