15/10/2012 07:56 BST

'Downton Abbey' Beats 'X Factor' And 'Strictly Come Dancing' In Ratings Battle

'Downton Abbey' triumphed in the Sunday night ratings battle, pulling in an average 9.5m viewers.

And there was more success for ITV,with 'The X Factor' results show - in which Melanie Masson was sent home - gaining 9.4m viewers, beating the 8.1m who watched Johnny Ball leave 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

Sunday night's reality show ratings were very different from Saturday's, however...

On Saturday, 'Strictly' hammered the 'The X Factor' by pulling in just over a million more viewers.

'Strictly''s almost two-hour show landed an average audience of 9.9 million viewers, while the ITV1 singing contest could offer up just 8.8 million - even including viewers of its catch-up +1 channel.

'The X Factor' was 400,000 down on the previous Saturday's performance, and 1.3 million down on the equivalent show last year.

Does this mean people enjoy watching 'Strictly' the most but care more about who gets sent home from 'The X Factor'? Let us know your thoughts below.

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