16/10/2012 19:04 BST

China Announces Ex-Nuclear Test Site To Become Tourist Attraction

China has announced it is to spend 6 million yuan (£595,000) on converting the site of the country's first nuclear bomb detonation into a unique, fascinating and hopefully, radiation-free tourist attraction.

Intrepid (and brave) visitors will be able to view the laboratories and dorms where nuclear scientists worked and slept whilst developing China's first nuclear weapons in the 1950s and '60s with the first successful test coming in 1964.

The site, in the remote Xinjiang region of North-West China, has been designated a 'red tourism site', chosen by the ruling Communist Party to promote significant events in Chinese history.

nuclear bomb

A modern day model of a Chinese nuclear bomb at a weapons expo

All this throws up a few questions: how do I get to one of the most remote parts of China; is it safe; will I have to book a return seat for the extra head I might sprout?

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