Flood Warnings For England And Wales Coastal Areas

People living along the coasts in parts of the country are being warned of possible flooding from high tides and stormy weather.

The main areas of concern are along the west and south coast of Wales and the coasts of Devon, Cornwall and Somerset as high tides and strong winds are forecast for Wednesday morning and evening.

The Environment Agency said strong westerly winds would cause stormy seas which, combined with some of the highest tides of the year, would lead to high sea levels and spray coming over sea walls.

Low-lying coastal roads, farmland and isolated houses could be vulnerable to flooding, but the agency is also warning of the possibility of more significant problems.

There are currently 21 flood warnings in force, mostly for coastal areas in the South West and Wales, and also in the North East, and high tides on Wednesday are likely to lead to more warnings being issued.

The Environment Agency said its teams had been out checking flood defences and closing tidal gates ahead of the high tides, and warned people to be careful driving or walking along the coast over the next few days.

People should be particularly careful on exposed areas, where there is a risk of being swept away by waves or being hit by debris thrown up by waves, the agency added.