17/10/2012 07:25 BST | Updated 08/11/2012 19:17 GMT

Jeremy Hunt Snubbed By The Queen And Prince Philip At Buckingham Palace

Jeremy Hunt must have been a very excited boy indeed.

As culture secretary he had played a crucial role in ensuring that the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics were a success, showcasing Britain to the world.

So when he met the Queen and Prince Philip at a banquet at to thank those involved in the Jubilee celebrations, he must have been expecting praise, adoration and perhaps even a promotion to Knight of the Realm.

jeremy hunt

Blumenthal: "This guy's got a terrible joke for you!"

According to the Daily Telegraph, instead plucky Prince Philip asked: "Who are you?"

A monumentally deflated Hunt had to explain his role and how he was now the health secretary.

"Well, they do move you people on a lot," the Duke replied, the paper reports.

Hunt's attempt at a conversation and a shred of glory at the hands of Her Majesty was equally as catastrophic.

Recalling her participation in a James Bind skit during the Olympic opening ceremony, he said: "I read about a Japanese tourist who said afterwards how wonderful our Queen must be to take part in that as they would never get their emperor to jump out of the plane."

The Queen responded with a silence, then a shrug and finished with a polite smile before quickly moving on.

Oh, poor Jeremy, perhaps he can console himself with being pen pals with Prince Charles