Jason deCaires-Taylor's Politically-Charged Underwater Bankers Are Also Good For The Environment

Underwater Art Pokes Fun At Bankers

Not many artists can pull off something beautiful, politically-charged and good for the environment in one go, but British artist Jason deCaires-Taylor has achieved that with his latest underwater sculptures.

A series of bankers wearing suits and ties have been dropped to the bottom of the ocean off the coast of Cancun, Mexico where their heads are buried within the sand.

Each concrete sculpture takes deCaires-Taylor weeks to create and weigh up to five tonnes.

Jason, from Canterbury, Kent, said: "In a gallery, you get one perspective. Underwater, you can fly over the sculptures, go between them."

The ghostly scene is part of a giant exhibition under the sea requiring snorkels and flippers to view.

Its aim is to divert snorkelers away from the Mesoamerican Reef - the second-largest barrier reef system in the world - in a bid to preserve it.

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