21/10/2012 17:42 BST | Updated 21/12/2012 05:12 GMT

TV REVIEW: Homeland - Finally, Carrie Got Her Just, Sweet Desserts

After Saul's extraordinary discovery in Beirut, he had to get the evidence back to DC, something he managed with an slippery ingenuity that proved there's life in the bearded fox yet.

Back in Washington, and it was hard to decide who was having a worse day.


Brody - not your typical Congressman

Brody might have been getting on better with his wife these days, but it was another woman - her with the dubious English accent - who took him off schedule, every aspiring politician's nightmare. Her mounting pressure forced him into donning a terrible baseball cap, changing a tyre, getting his nice clothes dirty, all to collect an ungrateful tailor from Gettysburg, obviously intent on ruining the Congressman's day - when all else failed, falling on a knife and forcing Brody to break his neck because he had the temerity to groan in pain just as Mrs Brody phoned again.

Mrs B was left lapping up the plaudits of Washington's finest by herself, and the consolations of ex-lover Mark, before issuing her husband with an ultimatum. Like I said, Brody was having a very bad day.


Finally... Carrie got what she deserved

Meanwhile, on the less frantic but equally fraught side of town, Carrie was back in the building they said she'd never enter again. Needed, but not wanted by her former bosses. Back at her flat, she swallowed too many pills, but brought them back up just in time to answer the door to Saul, and the intelligence she'd previously uncovered in Beirut. And vindication.

This was the definitive moment, so far in the whole of 'Homeland', when the weight shifted to the other foot, and it was glorious to behold. A resolution of sorts but, as with all this show's episodes, it just leaves you wanting more.

Homeland Episode 3