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Clare Balding, Rio Ferdinand and MasterChef's John Torrode and Gregg Wallace were also among those honoured.
The actor says that his wife’s “most exquisite act of bravery and generosity” had been to “normalise” her death
Helen's husband Damian Lewis wrote that she had died "after a heroic battle with cancer".
The Duke of Sussex also gave a nod to who he thought could play him in the Netflix show.
In the latest episode of 'Into It', the team reflects on last week's 'Broadchurch' conclusion predictions (spoiler alert: no one is giving Hardy and Miller a run for the money any time soon), and compares the farewell episode to other hit shows' finales. Plus, in honour of Her Maj's 91st birthday, they're putting their knowledge of queens from the big and small screen to the test in the big quiz of the week.
'Everyone in the acting profession has a similar story about them being in a minority.'
Damian Lewis has added his voice to the ongoing debate about whether there is too much of a class divide in the world of
Working-class actors and playwrights will today warn MPs of the difficulties they faced making it in the arts world compared
The financial drama has been commisssioned for Series 2.