Cabbage Patch Kids Relaunch With A Celebrity Makeover, But Can You Guess Which TV Stars They're Meant To Be?

Cabbage Patch Celebs

No, dear readers, this isn't the new 'Daybreak' presenter line-up (we can but dream) but celeb versions of 80s toy craze, the Cabbage Patch Kids.

For readers of a certain age that will mean something and for those that it means absolutely zilch to then prepare to become acquainted because they're about to be relaunched for a new generation.

And to celebrate, the makers of the toy have produced four babyfaced versions of four well known British TV stars.

But how many do you recognise? Click through the gallery below and we'll reveal all...

Lorraine Kelly

Cabbage Patch Celebs

The dolls will be back on toy store shelves in time for Christmas.


  • If all the Cabbage Patch Kids that have been adopted were to form their own country, it would be the 12th most populous country in the world
  • With over 118 million Cabbage Patch Kids 'born' in the past 25 years, there has been one birth every 6.8 seconds
  • Over 120 million ‘kids’ have been adopted since their launch in the 1983
  • BabyLand General ® Hospital in Cleveland, Georgia is the birthplace of the Cabbage Patch Kids and is one of Georgia’s top tourist attractions
  • The global toy phenomenon have even travelled into space aboard the Space Shuttle and had their own US postal stamp
  • In 1985, Christopher Xavier became the first Cabbage Patch Kid to fly aboard a U.S. Space Shuttle mission. He now lives at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington

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