Obama In Crisis As New Terror Videotape Message Is Released

WATCH: Obama In Crisis As New Terror Videotape Message Is Released

Barack Obama is facing one of the toughest challenges of his presidency after receiving a video message from a man said to be the leader of an organisation that has terrorised the White House for the past four years, and American business for decades.

In the video, the man directly addresses the US President and threatens to hold $5m hostage unless Obama produces some boring paperwork.

White House staff watch the video message

Responding to the tape, a White House spokesman said: "This is not the first time this man has threatened the President. He is increasingly looking like a desperate man who's lost control - if not of his organisation, then at least his faculties.

"The United States government will never give in to threats from people like this. We will hunt them down in their wine caves, and we will shoot them... in HD, so everyone can see their hairpiece up close."

The authenticity of the video tape has not been verified, although it does have over 3,500 likes on YouTube.

Several hours after it was released, Mitt Romney was still waiting for Obama to call it "an act of terror."

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