US presidential election

"We respect the choice of the American people," a foreign ministry spokesman said.
Labour's Lord Falconer tells HuffPost UK internal market bill could cost Britain a "terrible price" with peers set to defeat government.
Senator Chris Coons also says the president-elect also has “significant concerns” over Brexit’s impact on the Irish border.
Delays aren’t unusual but the ways people have voted this year mean we’ve been left waiting for a result.
Lockdown life returns to the UK but for the moment the country is gripped with the fiercely contested US presidential election. Joe Biden looks on course for victory and if he wins, will Donald Trump go quietly? And which outcome works in Britain’s favour?
In the most contentious election in modern U.S. history, President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden rally Americans in a tight race for the White House. Across the country there were unexpected wins and losses as well as down ballot referendums. From history making diversity in newly elected lawmakers to a QAnon supporter winning a state representative seat, this is the rundown of the key moments of election night 2020.
The Good Morning Britain presenter has repeatedly spoken in support of the US president.
With Donald Trump declaring presidential election victory despite the fact votes are still being counted, could 2020 be a repeat of the infamous George W. Bush versus Al Gore drama? Back in 2000, a recount dispute was settled by the United States Supreme Court, and Bush was eventually declared the winner 36 days after the election. With the race still tight between Trump and Biden, we look at how the legal battle could play out.
Democratic candidate tells supporters his campaign is "feeling good" about race against Donald Trump.
Three towns in New Hampshire have a long-held tradition of being the first to report.