Piers Morgan Called Out After Tweets About Trump's 'Unprecedented' Actions

The Good Morning Britain presenter has repeatedly spoken in support of the US president.

Piers Morgan has raised eyebrows on social media, after passing comment on Donald Trump’s “unprecedented” behaviour as the world awaits the result of the 2020 US election.

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, Piers tweeted about Trump falsely claiming victory in the election, despite all the votes legitimately cast having not been counted, and the result not yet being clear.

“President Trump has just launched an unprecedented assault on American democracy, demanding millions of Americans are denied their votes,” the Good Morning Britain presenter tweeted. “It’s an absolute disgrace.”

However, soon after posting his tweets, many suggested that Trump’s actions were not as “unprecedented” as Piers made out, with many also calling out the divisive TV personality for having defended the US leader multiple times in the past:

Piers and the US president have a long history, with their friendship beginning when the former was a contestant on the celebrity version of The Apprentice in the US.

Since then, the two have remained close, with Piers interviewing the president multiple times during the last four years.

Donald Trump and Piers Morgan at an event in 2010
Donald Trump and Piers Morgan at an event in 2010
Mathew Imaging via Getty Images

More recently, it seemed the two had fallen out when it was spotted that Trump had unfollowed Piers on Twitter, after the presenter criticised the American leader’s handling of the coronavirus crisis.

Piers told This Morning earlier this week that they’d buried the hatchet over the phone, and while Trump is yet to follow him back on Twitter, Piers pointed out: “I still consider him to be a friend, I’ve known him a long time.

“He’s not [following me on Twitter]... but he did plug my book!”


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